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How to drive traffic to your Google Business Page and increase your page ranking

Let’s cut down to the chase. Google Loves you! and for you to show the love back, you need to feed it with lots of goodies, so Google’s love will translate in increase of page ranking to your business page. How to do it? Simple. Turn your Google Business Page into the center of the social universe and drive traffic to that page from your other social media accounts.

STEP 1: Creating a post on Google Business Page

Search the web for articles, blog write ups or images that are reflecting your business:

  1. Trending news within your industry
  2. Local stories
  3. Success stories
  4. Things to watch out from
  • Copy the URL of the page
  • Go to your Google Business Page Inside the box that says Share what’s new…
  • Paste the URL you copied and add an engaging comment from you to the public related to this article (Ex: This is a great read because…., I believe that this will do some good or bad…, Check out this news…. etc.)
  • Once you see that your post has your comment and a brief preview of the article you pasted in that post click on Share.
    Before posting you can also add who do you want to share it with. Automatically it will select the Public, however you have a choice to add a specific group of the people you are following (click on + Add more people).

STEP 2: Sharing your Google Business page post in other social media accounts

Now that your post is a part of your update wall, click on the little arrow on the top right corner of your post
Select “Link to Post” and copy it.

  • Go to any one of your social Media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Paste the link into a new post
  • Add a comment (can be similar to the comment you already entered before)
    Linking from Google Business Page does not usually show an Image of the post on other social media so you may want to add an image to the post.
  • Post it.

Repeat this for every single post you want to share on your social media accounts. Now you are making sure that people will visit your Google Business page by linking everything to posts on your Google Business page!


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