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SEO vs. Yellow Pages Indexing

When a web user is searching for a specific company, service or product, there are several places where one can find your business listing, either by a directory listing such as Yellow pages or other free directory listings, or by chance through a simple web search.

Yellow Pages offer its clients a listing placement in print, and often offer you a web directory placement as well. One noticeable element is the fact that your business listing is lost between your competitors; it is grouped in among the same industry in your local area. Whereas, web search results will list a link to your business website based on the quality of content, traffic and relevant links.

In this article, we illustrate some of the main reasons why we believe the best opportunity for your business’s website is to be discovered through a reputable search engine optimization campaign as compared to yellow pages or any other directories.

In order to understand how search engine determine where to position a web address in a search result, we must understand a few terms as we illustrated here using a simple comparison of two roads; a search engine optimization express road and a Yellow Pages long and winding road. In this document we examine in details the differences between each of the comparison points we illustrated in our infographic.

Page Ranking – Page Ranking is a method that a search engine, such as Google, uses to determine a page’s relevance or importance. Websites receiving a higher Page Ranking from search engines are more likely to appear at the top of the search results. Now let’s compare page ranking and how Yellow pages determine which position a business listing will appear on the first page of a search result. Yellow Pages positions your listing is based on monthly payments. The more you spend the higher you rank. While with an organic search engine optimization your page positioning (ranking) depends on your business website structure, relevant content and link building network.

Online Visibility – Online Visibility means an extent of how visible and presents your company or website is online. In addition to simply being present, you need to use search engine optimization principles to increase your ranking for organic search combined with effective marketing campaigns.Yellow Pages web search results means your business listing appears alongside your closest competitors in your local area. With a strong Search Engine Optimization campaign your business’ website listing may appear multiple times on the first page of search results.

Campaign Reporting – Online Campaign Report is a system that monitors how many users are visiting your website on a regular basis. Yellow Pages utilize a limited and basic reporting system usually calculated by the number of clicks. This reporting method does not represent a true picture of the campaign. With Search Engine Optimization initializes an in-depth reporting system which includes; number of clicks, origins, time of day and comparison to online trends, resulting in a reliable picture of your campaign

Campaign Flexibility – Campaign Management flexibility determines the ability for your campaign to be easily modified. Marketers seek to understand how is their campaign performs and would like to be given the option to simply tweak and modify an online campaign to undertsand better the market behavior, customer needs, and other essential elements that require to improve the success for the campaign. Yellow Pages will only allow you to change ads once during your campaign where as with Search Engine Optimization you have the freedom to change targeted keywords at any time throughout your campaign.

Website Traffic – Traffic to your website is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a web site. This is determined by the number of visitors and the number of pages they visit. Sites monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic to see which parts or pages of their site are more popular and if there are any apparent trends, such as one specific page being viewed. Yellow Pages drives approximately 14 billion references per year1, as for Search Engine Optimization drives approximately 110 billion searches on the web per year1.

Search Engine Precision –  Search engine precision is one of the most common form of text search on the web. Most search engines do their text query and retrieval using the most keywords.Yellow Pages searched keywords are unidentified – less defined when previewing a search page within its web platform. Yellow Pages database will yield results based on the closest search term. As for Search Engine Optimization, searched keywords are highlighted and easily noticeable within the title and description of every search result page. A great benefit for the web user to easily find the closest match of what they are looking for.

Price comparison between Yellow Pages and SEO – As every business is conscious on marketing budget, the main objective is to produce effective results without costing a lot of money. Yellow Pages has higher fees on a monthly basis that improves only your Yellow Pages listing without any  direct impact to your website, in fact you are improving yellow page ranking not your own website ranking. Whereas a proper Search Engine Optimization campaign directly engages traffic to your website. This in turn proves to be a more effective and cost efficient campaign.

Our Conclusion – Based on the brief comparison above, it is evident that engaging in an effective search engine optimization campaign ensures that web users will notice your business more often than just searching through Yellow Pages directory.

For more information about which campaign type best suit your business, do not hesitate to contact us and we can provide you a customized report on your business to ensure your next marketing move that will generate more sales with less money spent.

Know the SEO FACTS before placing your ad on Yellow Pages:

In North America, we have access to more than 1 trillion web pages: a smart SEO campaign can make your site stand out above the rest.

  • With the right SEO campaign, you can have multiple listings on the first page, whereas with Yellow pages you can only be listed once
  • Effective and efficient Search Engine Optimization campaign is a relevant element and is a necessity in today’s marketing strategy
  • In our fast moving, technology-driven world, to stay competitive you need to consider new innovative ways to stay one step in front of your competitors – SEO is the key
  • According to a recent survey2, 100% of potential audience use Google when looking for a business or service. SEO maneuvers your website placement for everyone to find
  • SEO is most effective when the proper research is invested in choosing relevant key words
  • Keywords geared to your product or service along with an advanced monitoring system to track online searches and trends
  • 98% of all consumers start their purchasing process on the web3
  • Use of social media as an additional tool to increase your visibility and build awareness
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