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Project Description


A New Biking Fad on the Horizon

Fat bikes are quickly becoming the newest outdoor sporting adventure, for young and old. Fun Fat Bikes took the idea of the fun fat bike and the love of hockey and brought a new line of fat bikes to market. They were looking for an interesting FUN platform to show their customized bike line.

With the mix of biking and the Original Six Hockey teams, we created a new biking dimension. Customize your fat bike with your favorite hockey team, announce to the bike lover and the hockey fan, that you can bring the two loves together.

We designed a website, to illustrate the customization, the versatility of Fat Bikes plus credibility of the Schwinn and NHL, all in one cohesive place to discover what a Fun Fat Bike is all about.

We build an online store, began a complete social media campaign to let the audience know that their fun fat bike was just a click away.

We tied the launch into the Centennial Hockey Celebration, and the outdoor hockey game – linking the fat bikes and engaging the fan in you to the game.

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