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Project Description


Now in Canada, A clinically proven skin care product line across the ocean.

Cebelia helps with pre and post treatment, cosmetically or correctively. The skin care product targets different aspects of skin care. Cebelia targets areas of skin depigmentation, winkles, bruising or rosacea for example.

Cebelia needed to find a branding element that relates to its products, for the consumer and the professional in the skin care business by using a two-pronged approach.

Definite Image had to revamp the European website, by rearranging context, retouching the looks and building a branding tag line “It’s time to share the secret” and build the anticipation of visitors to explore more information about the skin care line.

By engaging on different Social media platforms, we brought fun easy skin care tips, interesting articles, product information, and promos to a new follower base, and increasing our outreach each week, bringing new interest to the site.

Special features in this e-commerce development include:

  • Responsive design
  • Quick product view
  • Shop by price range
  • Pro-store registration
  • Secure checkout system
  • Bilingual platform
  • News / Blog section
  • Social media share
  • Home page slideshow
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