When a web user is searching for a specific company, service or product, there are several places where one can find your business listing, either by a directory listing such as Yellow pages or other free directory listings, or by chance through a simple web search.

Yellow Pages offer its clients a listing placement in print, and often offer you a web directory placement as well. One noticeable element is the fact that your business listing is lost between your competitors; it is grouped in amongst the same industry in your local area. Whereas, web search results will list a link to your business website based on the quality of content, traffic and relevant links.

In this interactive illustration, we point out some of the main reasons why we believe the best opportunity for your business’s website is to be discovered through a reputable search engine optimization campaign as compared to yellow pages or any other online directories.

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Expensive Costs__Yellow Pages positions your listing is based on monthly payments. The more you spend the higher you rank.<br />Yellow Pages has higher fees on a monthly basis that improves only your Yellow Pages listing without any  direct impact to your website, in fact you are improving yellow page ranking not your own website ranking. 
Low Visibility__Yellow Pages web search results means your business listing appears alongside your closest competitors in your local area. Basic Reports__Yellow Pages utilize a limited and basic reporting system usually calculated by the number of clicks. This reporting method does not give true picture of the campaign. No Flexibility__Yellow Pages will only allow you to change ads once during your campaign. Less Traffic__Yellow Pages drives approximately 14 billion references per year. Cost Effective:__With Search Engine Optimization your page placement (ranking) depends on your business’ Website, web structure, relevant content and link building network.<br />A proper Search Engine Optimization campaign directly engages traffic to your website. This in turn proves to be a more effective and cost efficient campaign. High Visibility__With a strong Search Engine Optimization campaign your business’ website listing may appear multiple times on the first page of search results. Detailed Reports__With Search Engine Optimization initializes an in-depth reporting system which includes; number of clicks, origins, time of day and comparison to online trends, resulting in a reliable picture of your campaign. Flexible Campaign__With Search Engine Optimization you have the freedom to change targeted keywords at any time throughout your campaign. More Traffic__Search Engine Optimization drives approximately 110 billion searches on the web per year.

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